Acing the Basics 3.0

DIY Video Creation Course for Businesses

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My friend - It's time for your videos to work FOR you and not


You are an expert.

Your videos need to look like it.

Quality is non-negotiable.

EVEN if you feel like a boob and a fraud on camera

EVEN if you have loads of videos online (with weak results)

EVEN if you have less than 1 hour a day to work on your videos

EVEN if you think the internet is a noisy mess and why bother "because I'd rather drink wine and blog?!"

EVEN if you you’re waiting to see how others do it (stop that!)


AH HA! So you ARE ready to finally learn how to make amazing videos, be seen as the EXPERT and stop feeling like a HOT MESS on video!

Get started now!


My expertise?

BS in Film from Boston University

Over 25 years working on Hollywood films, high end commercials, documentaries, shorts & theatre.

I have: directed commercials and film,

produced commercials and film,

acted in commercials and film,

plus I have written AND been an agent.

Guess what:

I have been terrified of the camera, and the equipment.

I overcame.

You will too.

Way quicker than I did, you lucky duck.

Do you want to learn the most powerful marketing skill of our generation?

Without all of the self judgement, without all of the equipment confusion, without losing your mind?


In 8 weeks you’ll be golden.

Need more time? Click here to Join the On Demand Course for half the price!


My 9 modules (in 8 weeks) create a firm foundation that builds the mansion into which you’re going to move when you accept that VIDEO IS THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL OF OUR GENERATION.

Your commitment + baby steps + my expertise = YOUR SUCCESS IN VIDEO

I’m a coach who will not let you fall.

Unless you try really hard.

Which means give up.

I can’t stop that.

But I will not let you fail.

BUT, if you never give up, I will bring your glowing, confident face over the finish line, doing an Irish jig. Or a Bollywood dance. Or a ballet. Your call.


You’ll only be committed to your own success if you love what you do.

IF you’re selling something you don’t love, don’t take this course.

IF you already think you suck at what you do, this isn’t for you.

BUT, if you know you don’t suck - but you have doubts and a habit of self judgment - welcome aboard!

If you're just plain old confused and have not idea how to do all this video stuff - welcome aboard!

Let’s squash all demons like a pink water balloon.


Nobody was born knowing how to make videos, much less amazing videos, much less feeling comfortable doing it from the start.

So, We take this in small steps.

By the end of the course, the foundation – remember that glorious mansion I mentioned above?

You get to move in! Redecorate! Add a heated pool and toilet seats! Paint the walls and buy a California king size bed!

Because you need to settle into the knowledge that your business is going to EXPLODE when you use video the right way!



This group is SUPPORTIVE. It combines terrific camaraderie, support, and learning. What makes this work is accountability, networking and truthful support.

Narcissists need not apply.


“Acing the Basics” is my signature Do-It-Yourself course that lasts for eight weeks and has live coaching calls/videos every week, so I am with you each glorious, Irish-jig-dancing step of the way.

In our 8 fun-filled weeks together, we will cover every last detail needed to record gorgeous, professional looking videos:

Equipment (we call them Toys!)

How to write your script, no matter what your business is!

How to feel like a queen (or king) IN FRONT of the camera.

Ease, grace, full breaths – yes it’s possible.

Remember the TRIFECTA

Your commitment + baby steps + my expertise = YOUR SUCCESS IN VIDEO

We cover:

On Camera Confidence



Post-production (editing, uploading)

Hair & Makeup


Shutting that damn voice up that’s saying you can’t – that’s the mindset.

That last point is so crucial, and it’s my expertise, so we really dive deep.

Your success, same as life, is all about what you put into it.

Oh wait, let me bore you:

A two minute video increases purchase intent 97%

A two minute video increases brand association by 139%

A two minute video increases conversion rates on landing pages by 80%


The Lessons (aka Course Modules) are available in a private membership site and come with tutorial videos by yours truly and homework. AND you also have personal access to me in our eight Live, Interactive, Group Coaching calls/videos, with replays; and daily in our private forum.

I developed this coaching program for the independent, driven DIY’er who wants to make professional marketing videos without calling in a huge team!




  • You will learn how to present yourself on camera like the branded, quality expert you are. We cover script writing and delivery and we don’t shy away from the inner game. You WILL be confident, clear and genuine with every word.
  • Copy writing! Mercy me this is another terrifying area we peel open like a kumquat! Juicy yummy words are around the bend for you.
  • Let’s crush it: master the art of sounding crisp and clear instead of that “in the tunnel” sound that can happen with poor audio quality. Gosh that drives me bonkers!
  • Conquer the “how to” of lighting your videos with sun or studio lights so you start looking like a power player. That’s right… no more struggling with uneven lighting and poorly laid shadows that decrease video quality.
  • Figure out what background you should/can use and what to avoid.
  • You’ll get insider tricks on wardrobe styling from a pro, so you are wearing that cool vibe that reflects your business or personal brand. Our guest wardrobe expert gives you tips and will answer questions about what to do and what not to do, on our live Q&A.

  • Why stop there?! We have another expert who visits us and will be part of the live Q&A for Hair and Make-up. This module gave me such secret relief! I gained so much confidence in myself in this area. Yes me! Whew.

  • We’re going to cover the basics you GOTTA know about editing, saving and uploading your video files to the more popular servers.

  • What freaks a lot of people out is how to put it all together... Don't worry we will get you editing and uploading your masterpieces quickly, meaning you spend less time behind the scenes and more time in front of the clients who are eager to see you “on camera.”


  • Where do I even start with video?
  • I'm ready to grow this business yesterday!
  • I sound so stiff /boring when I'm on camera.
  • Holy sh*t is that me?! No!
  • My message isn’t clear when I make videos.
  • I don’t know what equipment I need or how to set it up.
  • I feel great on camera but what do I do with the videos?!

AND if you are

  • Determined to get qualified traffic to your site.
  • Ready to commit to growing your business, your list and your profits with video.
  • Willing to spend 3-5 hours/week to learn how to create videos that you love!
  • Serious about diving in and taking action to get mind blowing results from your videos, lickety split.
  • Excited about learning in a super fun community with a professional actress-director-producer-comedian as your coach!

  • Terrified OR excited to be more visible!

    Ready to stand out from the internet noise by rising above the other videos


    If you are not visible you are leaving money on the table – Boo!


    You don’t need a list to do this, you don’t need to have launched and you don’t even have to have your genius online yet. Video can help build you your list and absolutely draws your ideal clients to you, fast.


  • The know-how and inner swagger to create your own videos and feel awesome about them!
  • A clear set of directions for scripting AND delivery (WHAT to say and HOW to say it)!
  • All of my years on expensive film shoots so that I can show you the low-cost options for lighting, audio, filming, and the film hacks and pro tips I’ve gathered and used in my career of over 25 years in the industry!
  • A support group so that you can get MY eyes on your videos and your classmates’ encouragement to keep on rocking with your weekly assignments!

If it wasn’t for Colleen, I would have never had the courage to put myself out there on camera. She helped me overcome my camera fears with encouragement, coaching, and compassion as she too faced the same fears (and she’s a pro!). Taking the course not only improved my self confidence, but also made me a whiz at creating professional looking videos. I just made my first $2000 on a video that I created for a product. Colleen supported me the whole way, was readily available for questions and feedback. I especially loved the live feedback on the videos. I would highly recommend working with Colleen if you’re looking to up your game and conquer your fears. Thanks Colleen!

Susie G

“Colleen was a holy terror when she was my student, and I’m really surprised she’s doing so well. God bless her. She always played well with the other students, I suppose…. but she lacked skills in math, social studies and science, and when I say “lack” I’m being kind. I’m very happy she has found something visual and social as her past time. It’s really the only thing that could have worked.”

Dianne McBrayer, 3rd Grade Teacher


Nine Downloadable Course Lessons (See? Bonus Module already!)…each one covers a piece of the ACTION.
You also get….
Weekly Downloadable workbooks/tip sheets/checklists.

These are formulated to help you in your coursework. You’ll have worksheets and checklists geared toward each lesson so we knock it into your noggin. I know you’re super busy, so “Acing the Basics” is a 100% downloadable course. You’ll have the convenience of saving all the videos and PDFs to your device(s) so that you can work through them when it’s convenient for you.
Eight Live, Interactive, Weekly Q&A Group Coaching Call/Videos with Replay

Magic happens on these calls, grasshopper! Yep, we’ll cover last week’s session, answer your questions, then move on to the new material and spell out what is needed for you to rock the next week, so you can make sure every question you have is answered. Can’t make a call? No problem. All calls are recorded and available as mp3s.
Private Forum

This is the greatest invention ever, is it not? We’re going to use our private Teachable forum for encouragement and tip-swapping with your classmates.
Having a supportive community is a big part of “Acing the Basics”, because each of us benefits from the mutual accountability, support and friendship. You’ll discover the true power of video and camaraderie just through sharing ideas, videos, success and challenges.
What we want to accomplish here can be done solo but it’s so much more fun and helpful when we do it in a group setting. You also learn more. I know I learn every time someone posts or asks a question.
Review of Your Videos

You’ll receive my eagle eyed feedback on each of your weekly video assignments. Say what? I’m going to review your videos? HOLY BANANAS, yes, yes, yes!
This is SUPER valuable…feedback is the backbone of what will help you improve. Each time you make a video, I give it a critique, from a place of “what works”, so that you have a chance to learn and come back the next week with a new and improved understanding.
After 8 weeks of this, you’ll have a mastery of the techniques and never wonder again how/if/can you do it!


Module1 : Basic Editing Tips and Tricks

Module 2: Framing…let’s get your location set up in-home, your video Studio (bedroom, office, living room, you name it) or outside.

Magic happens on these calls, grasshopper! Yep, we’ll cover last week’s session, answer your questions, then move on to the new material and spell out what is needed for you to rock the next week, so you can make sure every question you have is answered. Can’t make a call? No problem. All calls are recorded and available as mp3s.

Module 3: SOUND. Oh SO important.

Almost more important that the video! Did I say that?! Sound can seem scary and mysterious but we break it down and simplify your options based on the camera choice from Module 1. This is a personalized course, group or not. I’ll work with everyone to find the right combination.

Module 4: Lighting…Video Indoor Lighting and Outdoor Lighting Solutions.

Let there be light! And there was…efficient and powerful lighting is so key, that in this in depth module I take you behind the scenes and show you what my set up looks like and how you, too, can work with “studio lights” and not freak out. I wrestle with “Mindy” – my soft box light: and win. This will make sense when you enroll. Ahem. Let’s light your shoots like a pro and not break the bank, shall we?

Module 5 : Copywriting Gold.

Here, we’re going to talk about what you’re going to talk about. Yep, simple and effective. This one excites me SO much. This used to be a BIG fear of mine, but no more. I’ve gathered the formulas or several top copy writers in the entrepreneurial industry for you to pick and choose – because all brains are not alike! You will not only find your core message, but have the tools to express it deftly on camera. Hey hey. We’re not trying to win a Pulitzer. You’ll learn formulas to create various styles of videos that speak to your target market and when used correctly can catapult your online business to the next level.

Module 6: On Camera Presence – this is IT!

This is one of my specialties. I’ve been a director and actress for a very long time. I have directed amateurs and pros and I have a tremendous talent here. No matter whether you are a natural, or completely new and feel stiff, this module will bring your message and fearlessness to a new level.

Bonus Teleprompter Jazz – Do we all have to commit our lines to memory and rehearse in the wee hours of the night? Uh, nope! Let’s learn to use what everyone else uses… entertainers and newscasters have learned to easily use a teleprompter! We’re going to practice this until you are flawless.

Modules 7 & 8: Look at me! MUAH & Wardrobe – Fun Fun Fun!

We have two guest experts interviewed in one week!!! I’m like a dog with a peanut butter cone!

Glossy and Flossy: On Camera Makeup Bea Cohen

Tips To Look Your Best On Camera… Make Up Artist Bea Cohen knows how to make you look amazing on camera. I get a little star struck around her myself. Trained in London’s trendy West End, Bea has been making faces pretty in New York for the better part of fourteen years. She currently does makeup and hair for TV commercials, print advertising, live events and weddings.

She’s worked with clients that include Rosario Dawson, Saoirse Ronan, Jay Z, Eli Manning and Kat Von D, to name a few. This module covers important questions that everyone has about makeup: on camera vs off camera makeup, looking shiny on camera, age, and lots more…She talks tools, not overdoing it, and avoiding shadows and other flaws that can trip you up. Plus you’ll get a downloadable PDF to track your makeup selections.

Master of the Wardrobe Eden Miller

All The Clothing & Jewelry Tips You Need For Looking Sharp & “On Brand”

Do you hear the angels singing? In this video, dynamo Wardrobe Stylist Eden Miller shares her insider fashion tips for smashing it on camera. She is a wardrobe designer and stylist (those are different believe it or not) to the stars! So, she is seasoned and exceptionally familiar with what looks good and what looks strange on camera. Get optimal by keeping it simple and you’ll love this module because she’s going to share oodles of essential secrets for knowing what to wear when you film. Plus, you’ll find out patterns to avoid and discover how to keep certain things in place that just never want to stay. Ever wondered if you should wear shiny clothes on camera? Find out here.

A Tony nominee who works constantly on major film & tv, basically, Eden has seen the following in their skivvies: Greg Kinnear, Alan Cumming, Olivia Wilde, Willem Dafoe, Zachary Quinto, Peter Dinklage, among others!

Module 9: Wrapping it up.

With stuff you’ve probably mastered by week 8 – we cover post workflow/editing. What’s the best way to save your files? How to you name them? How do you edit them? How do you export them? We cover a broad range of topics and will hone in on the call. Boom shakalaka.

Get started now!

Course Curriculum



  • Avoid the biggest mistake most newbies make with their videos.
  • How to make ’em notice your message and not your wall.
  • The number one strategy for improving your video quality by 50% without changing your camera.

You Will:

  • Dial into the WHY behind your videos…what are you doing this for? Education? Inspiration? Entertainment? We get you clear and broadcast a solid signal.
  • Discover why focusing on what you’re doing is going to trip you up…and focusing on your message and vision is what gets you in the flow.
  • Realize why we have to squash all the crazy talk and self-criticism in our brains! All that self-talk just ties up in kn Let’s knock it out with a one-two punch and move through your fears, concentrate on what’s essential (connecting with your audience) and truly dig the results of your video shoots

Tired of buying courses you don’t finish?

Me too. It ends here



Access to upgrades of “Acing the Basics” as it adapts and grows. (Priceless)

Backwards Chaining: IF YOU REQUEST, as a bonus, I will help you courageously commit to a firm calendar date to shoot your videos if you like– For example: You decide that you want to create a three video sales funnel for a product or program launch in August. Let’s see what that looks like and map it out, because planning is everything. In this course, I will help you backwards-chain the process of one of your projects so that it flows smoothly.

How to go Live Like a Pro

Alumni Discounts: Superb discounted rates for 1:1 private consulting/coaching sessions OR Done For You Packages

Bonus videos: As the course goes on … shhhh, you’ll see…woo hoo, you’re in for surprises!


First, the hills will ring out with the sound of music. I will shout “YAY!” Then, you will have access to a pre-course welcome PLUS, you get immediate access to the list of TOYS you want to consider adding to your stash.

You’ll want to have as much ready to go on the course ahead of time so the rubber hits the road on day 1.

Each Sunday, you’ll receive an email with a link to the video tutorial of the week (no slide shows here!) and PDF handouts for that week. That email will have the dial in/Zoom info for the Q&A with the scheduled time which will be available on Zoom or via phone.

During the weekly Q&A Group Coaching Calls, after we cover the current week’s topic, we discuss your challenges, struggles, dreams – and hey, your VICTORIES, too!

For example, when we finish “Week One: Camera”, you’re free to ask why your upload to YouTube looks all squished. (We are going to kick booty in this course!)

And no worries, if you can’t make the live session, it’ll be recorded for you.

You’ll post your weekly assignments in our private forum – a secret hideout where we go to give you support for your challenges and dance happy dances at all the mind-boggling success you’re having. This is your safe place.

I want to lovingly catapult you into video success, so anything and everything goes, especially with laughs and a lot of smiles. Every. Day. For 8 Weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't attend a live call?
All calls are recorded for you and will be available in an mp3. I know life happens, that’s why I want you to have access to everything you need, even if you can’t make the calls live.
What if I can’t overcome my shyness or awkwardness and feel that I just don’t look or sound good on camera?
This course requires courage. I work extensively with you to develop the must-do attitude, and I’ll teach you why self doubt is a hidden belief that isn’t serving you and why it’s wrong. You already know about limiting beliefs, so come with an open mind, plenty of self-compassion, and let’s get ready for you to fall in love with yourself on camera.
What if I don’t know what to say on camera or even write for my scripts?
I’m going to TEACH you how! You’ll have a lesson in copywriting that will have you penning scripts that are exactly what you need them to be – effective, simple, and powerful.
What if I can only film myself on my laptop?
A computer, laptop or smart phone is fine for getting going with DIY videos. This isn’t about perfection or the actual equipment, though I do recommend that if you’re serious about your business (and I know you are or you wouldn’t be reading this), you invest in the equipment that is going to deliver the best results possible. No point in learning all of this is you aren’t in it with an eye on the long term prize, right? Bottom line – video is about energy and passion, commitment and the message. I’m going to help you create videos with anything that you have available and you’ll have fun doing it. This course is designed for the entrepreneur who is ready to invest in the equipment they need to show up on professional-looking, high-quality videos. That will require some investment so that you have a camera, the right audio equipment, and lighting equipment too, if you choose to go that way. All told, it can cost anywhere from $50 to $500 to $1,000. It’s your choice how much or how little you spend. A good rule of thumb is to count on needing a good camera (anywhere from an iPhone to an $800 version will work), a good microphone (about $40), and a set of studio lights (about $150). You will also need enough hard drive space to edit your videos. So a powerful computer and an extra little hard drive will serve you well. (Hard drive’s are under $100).
What if I don’t have the space for a big set up with lights and camera?
You don’t need a whole studio. You can film great videos against a pretty wall, brick walls, white walls, or even in the corner of room. The goal of this course is to make you COMFORTABLE creating professional-looking videos. And as long as you are showing up to do the work, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Plus, you’ll have a load of fun doing it because FUN is my middle name. Colleen “Fun” Davie Janes. I dropped “Euphersine” ages ago. I don’t know what mother was thinking.
What if I'm so busy that I really don't have time to do this course?
I offer Location Filming and Private Coaching as options! And if you’re just worried about this group coaching schedule, here’s some straight talk about making videos. When you conquer the process and learn how to do this on your own, you can crush your marketing objectives. What is it that is so powerful about video? It allows people to instantly feel as if they know you…this leads to the “like” factor and the “trust” factor, all of which form the trifecta of customer psychology for buyer-readiness! Let’s be real…by NOT taking “Acing the Basics”, you will be spending at LEAST four times longer attempting to compress the know-like-trust factor. You have to build up trust, establish credibility, and share your message many, many times in online marketing – why not give yourself a shortcut and a booster shot by jumping in and learning to swim with me. And yup, it’s going to take 3-5 hours a week to watch the video homework, do the PDFs, hop on our Group Coaching Call. There is absolutely zero doubt that your business is worth every minute. This is the most powerful marketing tool we have at our fingertips currently.
What if I need to find a cheaper way to create videos?
If you had a professional team create ONE video for you, you’d pay $2,500 or more (if they are any good). And if you work with me in my Location Filming, that investment for a day of filming ranges from $4,800 to over $6,000. What I’m teaching you in “Acing the Basics” hands you the tools and teaches you the skills and mindset to churn out an endless array of powerful and effective videos. And if you need help with staggering the payments, there is a payment plan. I want you to put yourself in the driver’s seat here and believe your business is worth the small investment to create marketing videos that will bring you more influence, more impact, more customers, on YOUR schedule. I think we agree that it’s worth the investment so get on board, darling.
What if I am not sure if “Acing the Basics” is the right choice for me?
If you’re ready to move past your fears and finally make those videos you’ve been meaning to make? It’s for you. What “Acing the Basic”s is not: a guaranteed missile to number one on YouTube, a strategy on what outlets (social media, your blog, YouTube) will work best for you and your business, or Search Engine Optimization techniques. What “Acing the Basics” is: MAKING GREAT LOOKING VIDEOS and BEING COMFORTABLE DOING IT.

Get started now!


If you can show me that you’ve participated fully in the course, taken advantage of the Q & A calls, completed the homework assignments and worksheets and you are nonetheless dissatisfied, I have a no-haggle refund policy upon two conditions (a) you deliver all homework assignments to me (videos and PDFs) within 5 days of your written refund request, and (b) we have a short exit interview via Skype, within 10 days of your written refund request (sent to colleen (at) aceyourvideo (dot) com ). If you’re wondering why the Skype interview is necessary for the refund, it’s because I’m dedicated to your video mastery, so if you give me proof that you’ve done the homework and the PDFs are completed, then in our exit interview I’ll help you figure out where you’re getting stuck. This is a community and it’s also my promise that I stand behind in my business…if you do the work, you should have great looking videos.

If you're thinking "Colleen, this all sounds great, but... I don't know if I can commit to 8 weeks in a row mid-summer."
I get it! That's why I've created an ON DEMAND version of this course, available now for HALF THE PRICE. You won't get the live calls but you will get access to the entire course right now to work through at your own pace! Wowza!